For over 30 years, PDQ Enterprises, Inc. in Stockbridge, GA has been a family-owned and operated construction company. We specialize in foundation and structural repair, but we also have years of experience providing general residential and commercial construction and remodeling services. Our qualified, dedicated contractors can provide all phases of construction. Our business is built on integrity, and we always do exactly what we tell you. We provide work you can depend on!

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Home remodeling work by PDQ Enterprises, Inc. in Stockbridge, GA

Quality Construction Service in Stockbridge, GA Since 1988

Basement Repair

At PDQ Enterprises, Inc., our extensive knowledge in foundations and structures gives us the expertise to deliver high-quality basement repairs. We understand the importance of the retaining wall, or the wall that protects the basement from the earth and water underground. We look at several factors when it comes to creating or repairing the retaining wall, including the placement of the wall, the ideal thickness, how it works together with beams and columns, how much weight the wall will be supporting, and how will it impact the foundation and stability of the home. Our attention to detail ensures your basement will be a safe and sturdy place for your family and belongings.

Interior Repairs

Our contractors can paint, install cabinets or electrical wiring, and repair floors, doors, windows, HVAC units, insulation and drywall. With our wide range of interior repair services, you are sure to be impressed with the results. We will have your home or business looking and running like new again.

Exterior Repairs

The outside of your home or business creates a first impression, so make sure it is looking its best. We can repair decks, porches and roofs, paint, refurbish your wood or brick siding, and pressure-wash the structure to remove dirt and grime.

Inside and out, we will help your home or business stand out. Contact us today at 770-474-8830 to schedule your free estimate! And be sure to check out our Gallery to view our past projects. Free estimates do not include real estate transactions or insurance claims.